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Wing Chun Kung Fu was first brought to the attention of the West, as the primary art of the late Bruce Lee; Wing Chun has since become famous in martial art circles and is now known everywhere, if not by name, then by the choreography and performance of household names such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung and Jet Li, and its hand techniques familiar due to fight scenes in the films such as ‘The Matrix’, ‘The Bourne Identity’, the ‘Ip Man’ films and many more.

It was founded approximately 350 years ago by a Buddhist Nun, Ng Mui and her acolyte Yim Wing Chun. Developed from Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, and influenced by the movements of the Crane and Snake, it was designed with efficiency and self defence in mind and to defeat the highly developed classical kung fu styles of that time. Incorporating both hard and soft methods, direct and economical motion, and special close combat, sensitivity and reflex training; it has developed and become world renowned for its speed, efficiency, and supreme effectiveness.

Wing Chuns’ close range specialty, sensitivity drills and innovative training methods make it effective in a space as small as a telephone box, and enables skilled practitioners to defend themselves blindfold. It is also taught to and used by numerous police and special forces worldwide. With concepts such as simultaneous defence and attack, the control of attack and potential attack lines (centre – line theory), its use of relaxation and “uncommitted” striking, soft techniques against hard and superb efficiency make it an ideal self defence system for women and men, large and small, young and old alike. It does not rely on physical strength or size, or require the gymnastic prowess of Jet Li to work. It is a system that is fun and simple to learn, and its basic and core concepts can be applied to any situation in a relatively short period of time.

Wing Chun Kung Fu in London: Self defence, Martial Arts, Health, Fitness and confidence. Clapham, Brixton, Stockwell, Kennington and Vauxhall. Guangdong, Yip Man/Ip Man and Pin Sun/Gu Lo Wing Chun: Lee Shing Wing Chun and Nei Gong/Chi Kung. Adult and Children’s classes. UA-66377599-1

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