Syllabus and Training

The Wing Chun system we teach is particularly rich and includes detail, energy work and sophistication. However the core forms and system are what leads to development of the additional material. The basics and core principles of Wing Chun remain central to our teaching, and the principles of efficiency, simultaneous attack and defence, and centreline theory are fairly quick and easy to grasp and apply.
Wing Chun is simply a journey that once begun can be continued indefinitely. As my Sifu says “there are no secrets to kung fu, it is just training” kung fu means ‘a skill acquired through hard work’.

Syllabus Forms.

Core Hand/Leg forms: Siu Lim Tao (little idea). Chium Kiu (seeking bridge). Bil Jee (shooting fingers). Muk Yan Jong (116 wooden man).

Subsidiary/intermediate/advanced forms and training sets: 1st and second syllabus training sets. Jheen Choi (arrow punch). Sar Bao Kuen (sand bag).Sup Lok Gerk Faat (16 Kicking). Inch punch training sets 1 and 2. Ng Mui and Pien San Siu Lim Tao. Chi Kung (hard and soft). Ng Mui Gerk Faat (Ng Mui Kicking set). Pien San Kuen. Dai Lim Tao (big idea).

In addition to these forms and training sets a variety of Chi Sao (sticky hands) and Chi Gerk (sticky leg) methods are taught including GuLao/Pien San versions and blindfold chi sao. A wide variety of individual techniques, pair drills, static and mobile practice methods, footwork, sparring, Guo Sao (Chi Sao sparring), pressure point, and self defence techniques etc. are introduced and developed as a part of a gradual developmental program. There is additional Wooden Dummy, Dai Lim Tao material and Chi Kung (5 element, Taoist and Shaolin material) available to the keenest students!

System Weapons.

Siong Kwan (double Rod).
Sam Dim Boon Kwan (3 1/2 point pole).
Luk Dim Boon Kwan (6 1/2 pole 2 versions).
Bart Cham Dao (eight slashing knives/butterfly knives).
Pa Kua Kwan.

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