Wing Chun London/ Brixton and Clapham Wing Chun Kung Fu – facebook group, resources etc – members only.
Community Sports Hub in Kennington – the home of Wing Chun London’s Kennington classes.
The website of London based GrandMaster Austin Goh and his international Wing Chun organisation.
JZMAC Switzerland, Wing Chun, Southern Shaolin, Hapkido, Domog/Arnis. Master Jurg Zeigler.
AustinGoh/LeeShing Wing Chun Italia. Sifu Gianfranco Pompianu.
Chen and Yang Taichi, Wing Chun, Shaolin and more in the West Country. Sifu Brendan Burnett
Ancestral White Crane and Cho Gar Wing Chun in Kuching, Sarawak. Sifu Eric Ling
The Wing Chun archive, history, articles and resources.
Wing Chun articles and blog.
Another superb Wing Chun resource.

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